This Week’s Sermon

The sermon for this coming Lord’s Day will be a continuation of last week’s sermon on Genesis 22. What have we learned so far? Well, Abraham was a great man of faith who trusted the promises of God – a trust that was forged over many years of witnessing the faithfulness of YHWH God firsthand. Also, the parallels in this text are striking. Abraham is told to sacrifice his “only and beloved son,” which is likewise a statement about Jesus. He’s told to go to the mountains of Moriah, which is where the Temple stood or possibly even the cross of Christ. Abraham believed that God could raise the dead…and he did centuries later in that very location. Isaac is made to carry the device of his own sacrifice, just as Jesus was made to carry the cross-beam of His very own cross. And the list could go on, and will go on this coming Lord’s Day. So, be there with us in worship of our Triune King and if you can’t make it, we will be recording this week’s sermon for the blog. God bless all of you…

Update: The recording equipment did not work on this Lord’s Day – please forgive me and we now have this issue resolved.

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