Upcoming Sermon Series

This coming Lord’s Day, we will begin a ten week journey through the Book of Exodus. More specifically, we will camp our tents with the Exodus wanderers at Mt. Sinai (also known as Mt Horeb ~ Deut 5) and spend a number of weeks reviewing the Ten Commandments. The Commandments themselves are often misunderstood by those of us in Western culture because we have a tendency to view them as purely prescriptive in nature, when in reality, the Commandments themselves are first and foremost “descriptive” of the very character and holiness of God – the perfect Law giver, Yahweh. Being descriptive in nature, the Commandments relay to the reader the perfect and holy will for the covenant believers life, and in doing so, they change the “heart” of the individual. Or, put another way, the Commandments (through the inward work of the Holy Spirit) invoke an inward change, which in return, produces holiness in the believers outward actions. Hence, the Commandments themselves are much more than a list of prescriptive “do’s and don’ts” (you can physically keep a specific Commandment and still be in violation of it due to an improper heart attitude – see Matthew 5.21-47) – instead, they were given to transform the covenant believer into the very image of the perfect Law keeper, Jesus Christ. With that said, we at Emmanuel Chapel hope that you will join us for this exciting series and may the Lord Jesus bless you and yours.

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