Jan 11 Lord’s Day Sermon: The Second Commandment

Last week we reviewed the text of Exodus 20.1-3 and noted that the First Commandment is a call for us to focus upon and “own” the one true God, Yahweh (YHWH), as our God. This week will will move to the Second of the Commandments, which is given to us in three parts: (1) You shall make no images/idols, (2) you shall not worship images/idols because (3) YHWH is a jealous God. The first two portions of this Commandment are the prohibitions of the text, with the final portion of the Commandment stating the reason behind the prohibitions. As noted in the First Commandment, this Commandment is likewise a gift of grace from YHWH our creator and in essence, it’s a proclamation that we can truly know God as He has revealed Himself. We can truly know God, our Savior and King, because He has condescended to His people to reveal Himself in the pages of the Old and New Testament, with the ultimate revealing coming in the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ. And, because we can truly know Him, as the Commandment teaches, we are obligated to worship Him in a manner that He has revealed and commanded. So, if you’re in the Helena area this Lord’s Day, please join us for this exciting and hopefully educational sermon, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and yours.

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