January 18 Sermon Info, Presentation and Bulletin

We continue our journey through the Book of Exodus this week by looking at the Third Commandment and found in Exodus chapter 20. This Commandment has practical implication which far surpass the using of Yahweh’s name as a curse word, because in reality, this Commandment speaks to the issue of our covenant faithfulness to Yhaweh God Himself. So, if you’re in the area, please join us and remember, this coming Friday (Jan 16), I will be giving a presentation at the Lewis and Clark library on the “Reliability of the New Testament Text.” If you’re in the area and you have ever wondered how we got the translations that we currently use in this modern era, come out and join us. Or, if your a believer who has been challenged in this area, or even an unbeliever who feels that the New Testament text is wholly unreliable, you may wish to attend this presentation if you are willing to hear the full story about the history of textual transmission and the absolute reliability of the book we Christians call the Bible. For those interested, the presentation will begin at 10:30 am in the main conference room. Hope to see you there and I’ll do my best to get audio of this event. See below for the January 18th worship bulletin and God bless.

Bulletin for Jan 18

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