This Coming Lord’s Day and Evangelism Training

This coming Lord’s Day, we will be taking a break for the 10 Commandments to address a topic that is vital to the consistent interpretation of Scripture and the live lived in the redemptive blood of Christ, namely, the topic of the Covenant of Grace. Likewise, this coming Saturday, we will be having evangelism training from 10-11:30. This training is open to the public so all are invited. We likewise hope to see you this Lord’s Day as we have the unofficial “grand-opening” of our sanctuary. Meaning, the work is almost completed and all of our services will now be up stairs, and not in the basement. Finally, each Tuesday we have been having a ladies Bible study beginning at noon (the topic is Paul’s Epistle to the Romans). However, some men have expressed interest in attending this study, so, the Tuesday ladies study is now turning into a Bible study for both genders. Hope to see you there and at the other events above and God bless you and yours!

Bulletin for Feb 22 (Lord’s Day Service)

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