Feb. 22 Sermon, Sunday School & Romans Bible Study Audio

Sorry for the delay in getting this audio up, it’s been a very busy week. Last Lord’s Day we spoke to the issue of the Covenant of Grace and why, as Reformed folks, we adhere to what is commonly known as “covenant theology.” In Sunday School, we continued our discussion of the Trinity, where we recapped the absolute person-hood and deity of both the Father and the Spirit, and began to break ground regarding the deity and eternal nature of the Son. Finally, part 3 of the Romans Bible study can be found below, where we began to make our way through the remainder of chapter 1, namely, verses 18-24 (verses 25-32 will be posted next week). See below for the audio and remember, we at Emmanuel Chapel invite you to come out and join us to help us to celebrate in praise and worship the opening of our new sanctuary (service begins at 10am and there will be no Sunday School this coming Lord’s Day). Blessings…

Feb 22 Sunday School Trinity Part 3

Sermon Feb 22 Covenant Theology

Romans Bible Study Feb 17 Part 3

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