Sermon and Bible Study Audio From 03/08/15

Today’s sermon was on our source of wisdom and knowledge, the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Sermon text was from Colossians 2.1-15 which speaks to a number of issues, namely: (1) Jesus being the foundation and starting point of all wisdom and knowledge, (2) the so-called wisdom of the world, and (3) our position in Christ via our baptisms.

In Sunday School, we picked up where we left up two weeks ago in our evaluation of John 1.1, covering in today’s class clauses b and c of verse 1. In doing so, we demonstrated the absolute deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and why we, as confessional Christians, proclaim that Jesus is very God of very God! See below for the audio and have a blessed remainder of the Lord’s Day.

“Christ: The Wisdom and Knowledge of God” – Sermon 03_08_15

Sunday School 03_08_15 The Trinity Part 4

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